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About UWU, Sri Lanka

About Uva Wellassa University, Sri Lanka

Being the pioneer Entrepreneurial as well as Technopreneurial University in Sri Lanka, UWU has generated an exemplary studious milieu for the nation inspired by the unique theme, “Value addition to the national resources base”. The new course driven structure of education facilitates interdisciplinary, generates the knowledge base for education, and practically enlightens their path. Value addition to the national resource base caters to the sustainable development of the nation. As such all our degree programs deliver knowledge and skills required by the employers in industry and commerce for value addition. The programs cover resource areas of Aquatic, Export, Tea, Palm, Latex, Minerals, Tourism, Hospitality & Events Management, IT, Entrepreneurship, Management, Science and Technology. The net result of this strategic theme effectively produces graduates readily employable both in the state and the private sector.